Here Comes... Well, SOMETHING

Da-da wonders... would insurance cover that?
Speaking of human ritual, it's officially wedding season, which means that lots more church roofs are gonna get whacked by platinum blondes hit by quantonium meteorites. But it also means that it's officially baby season, which means that more and more tired people (and cute babies) are soon to be unleashed on the Northern Hemisphere, which means that lots more coffee will be consumed by tired new Da-das (not ma-mas, as the caffeine gets into breast milk and creates the dreaded, "WIDE-AWAKE BABY," the horror), which means that coffee growers will need to grow lots more coffee beans which, mercifully, endeth this horrid run-on sentence. Da-da himself might need some Da-da Coffee. Or another lobotomy. OR MORE CHIDREN, HHAHAHAHHAHHAA... sorry, Da-da's cranial prosthetic appears to have shifted. кој е чадорот е во тоа? That is, hito no kasa toyuu kotodesu? Wait, is that a chicken up there? No, it's just the way she's holding the grapefruit. Where is Da-da's umbrella, anyway?

Kasa/kasane-gasane no kami-danomi. Or something like that.

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