Da-da's Back o' the Bus/Gettysburg Redress

Secret service agents really know how to, "get down."

Da-da doesn't know about you, but he could really use some music cranked to... oh, howbout FOUR (c'mon, Da-da's at least 197 years old; besides, four is the new 11). Anyway, he's had quite the week. No sleep and kid sicknesses and no sleep and vampire cat disappearances and reappearances and no sleep and being compelled to watch all of Ken Burn's, "The Civil War" again on PBS... krikey. But it's over. It's so over. It's basically been over since Da-da became back o' the bus back at Gettysburg, but he's starting to enjoy the back of the bus: there's more room for auto-trepanation.

So. Time to relax. Not just for Da-da, but for all those folks who do thankless jobs everywhere. At least Da-da will get a hug out of it; you secret service/Ghostbuster guys... it's hard to hug anyone wearing an Egonomicon 3090 Linear Accelerator/Proton Pack.

Hey. You boys be careful crossing those streams.

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