Repopulating The Peoplemover

Rare photo of Disney giants operating behind-the-scenes. They now work for the Pentagon.

Sure, at Disneyland we called this, "The People Remover," for reasons Da-da won't go into here, but it would be nice to get this ride back in the West Coast park; the track is still there, unused. Like the steam train, The Peoplemover was always a nice change of pace, with a perky soundtrack, and the lines were much shorter. Good people watching, too. Anyway, please sign the petition to bring back this vintage ride, if only to see if Disney will actually do something that people WANT them to do for a change.

While we're at it, why not bring back, "Adventure Through Inner Space," where they shrink you to the size of an atom. Imagine how weird the ride would be now that the quantum realm is opening some of its multi-dimensional doors. Good luck understanding any of it. In fact, turn Space Mountain into Adventure Through Innerspace and spin people around and blare nonsensical phrases and physics jargon and it'll be about the same. Fun! (However, if Monsanto's involved, forget it; Monsanto is currently sponsoring their own 500-year People Remover plan.)

More Disney giants. These guys were everywhere, greasing the park's machinery with their own blood.

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