That Persistent Ringing

"Hello, this is monkey."

Just so we're all clear... when you call a cellphone that's either got dead batteries, been destroyed or transported to a dimension where Madonna is still a waitress, you're calling a computer somewhere with a bunch of hard drives in it, onto which your call is recorded to be delivered when you appear on the other side of the universe dressed as a robot gameshow host. You're NOT CALLING THE BEYOND, unless AT&T counts as The Beyond... which it probably does. Glad we had this moment.

Don't go in there, it's SuperJeopardy.


Straw to Gold said...

But if the phone is off or dead, it usually doesn't ring, just goes to voicemail, right? So does that mean they were hijacked and landed somewhere else and are still alive and the phones were confiscated and are in a box somewhere?

A Man Called Da-da said...

It depends on the service provider. If they have a lot of call traffic, it might sound to you like it's rung four times, but the cell takes longer. Regardless, if the cell is off or destroyed -- or in another dimension -- it will ring the same, as the call then goes to the call center. However, it is possible that the plane is intact and sitting on the ground and that the phones have been confiscated and are sitting in a box. A possibility that no one's mentioned is that the pilot went crazy, or the plane was indeed hijacked, and the quasi-insane party sent the plane into a dive... only to have it rescued by some other agency. In this case, the phones would not ring, due to the extreme magnetic fields. Hell, in this, the bizarro dimension, anything's possible.

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