Goodbye Tin Foil Hat

Dude, don't tinfoil Da-da.

Da-da reads lots of things from lots of different sources -- left, right and around the bend. Needless to say, the corporate-controlled MSM (mainscream media) have overwhelmingly negative things to say about those who entertain alternative sources of information and ideas, esp. those who suspect conspiracy in this our 24/7 freak-O-sphere. The (pwned) talking heads have recently removed the gloves and taken to blanket defamation, calling those with alternative views or questions -- or worse, those who simply speak the truth -- "tin foil hatters."

You know what? Da-da put some tin foil in his hat once AND IT MAGNIFIED THE UFO TRANSMISSIONS, so they might have a point there. But consistently dissing and labeling open-minded opposition and alternative ideas by offhandedly condemning the act of honest questioning of motives and data... well, that's what the Nazis used to do (and what FOX, et al, now do). It's an old trick called, "dehumanization."

Dehumanization of others is the root of all injustice and oppression. These days, it's looking more and more like we didn't beat the Nazis, we became them. (That's slowly changing, can you feel it?) It's long past time to hang up the jackboots and smell the flowers, time to honestly begin to question how we got where we are, at least socio-economically. Once you understand this, you might have a better idea what direction future life should take, 'cause we can't go on like we've been going. That should be obvious, even to coneheads like Rupert Murdoch. (Oops, did Da-da just cast an aspersion?)

It's also time for a term that describes the wholesale disregard for uncommon sense being brandished in public. Da-da proposes we use the term: "tin-foiling." As in, "Hey, FOX just tin-foiled that guy with the interesting ideas, without even listening to him." Or you could simply say, "FOILED AGAIN!"

So, GOODBYE tin foil hat -- and HELLO chimp suit!

Admit it, this look makes you want to listen to everything Heidi says.

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