Pursuit, the Bludgeon and the Torch

Da-da would say something original like, "Get ready to start that Halloween countdown!" if Da-da didn't already celebrate the humorous horror... the horror-humor... horrible humor, indeed... of everyday ontological vending machine reality (drop a coin, pull a knob, have some fun)... um, you know, like it's Halloween... every... day. Jeez, get thee behind me, ENGLISH LANGUAGE. English is such a vainglorious swampy mess ("That's how I roll!" -- gag), not a living language at all. More like a LIVING DEAD LANGUAGE that needs it's brains handed to it. Well done. With a side of hashed browns.

Or perhaps that's Da-da's own meager skills that require the bludgeon and torch... hm, sounds good. Until further notice, Da-da will be having a pint or three, down at The Bludgeon and Torch if anyone needs him. Don't need him. That third person he keeps dragging around is pretty winded.

MLA editors occasionally burst into flame and say, "Get Da-da's third person! There he goes!"

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