High Weirdness and Hard Evidence? (UPDATED)

Behold, the Air Force's sandworm. It's been busy.

Anyone who regularly reads this blog will know that Da-da doesn't shy away from unusual topics. What you may not know is that Da-da has done 20+ years of research into secret societies -- their secrets, what drives them, makes them tick, etc. -- from Isian Mystery Cults (cults of Isis) to today's present Neocon weirdies, so Da-da's trained to recognize info of value. That said, something odd surfaced recently, and if it's true, it's actually good news. And bad news. And good news again. Da-da can't vouch for its veracity, but it does jibe with what Da-da has uncovered over the years. Real or not, get ready for a bizarre thriller and buckle up, Timmy. And whatever you do, be sure to check out the two "strange sound" videos at the end of this post.

Apparently, the earthquakes that recently occurred on August 22 and 23 -- one in Colorado and one in Virginia 12 hours later, the one that rattled the Eastern Seaboard (both quakes at 37 degrees latitude, huh) may have been underground nukes (yeah, Da-da had that reaction, too), nukes used on secret underground cities. Da-da knows, use of the words, "secret underground cities" will cause at least half of you to roll your eyes, but the U.S. has tons of underground bases designed for surviving a nuclear exchange. Apparently, these potentially blowed-up ones were special. Anyway, as Da-da said, he doesn't know if this is real or not, but...

Try to read all of it, if you can. Or you can listen to it, too. Da-da's knows this is a lot to swallow, but take it slow. It's supported by the public record, from what Da-da has sleuthed out so far. The good news is that help may really be on the way, but not before things get scary. Maybe get scary. Of course, it's also possible that this is all hokum, Da-da is an expert at spotting hokum, as well as patterns, and when he sees anomalistic data suddenly jibe with the fabric of historical events, enmeshed in the same patterns created long ago by secret societies... well. It's eye opening. But Da-da's been wrong before. He had kids, didn't he?

A Little Physical Data

Ok, now here's a little physical data to sift through. Something definitely occurred at these two locations, and their signatures appear unusual. Look at the Virginia quake's chart for example:

Virginia "quake" (in green) has an explosion signature.
Earthquakes rumble up to a point, then trail off, as you can see (in black).

1. According to the USGS, Colorado has a 4.7 earthquake on Monday, August 22, 2011 at 05:30:20 PM at epicenter, at approx. 3 miles depth. Specific location: 37.050°N, 104.774°W.

2. According to the USGS, Colorado has a 5.3 earthquake on Monday, August 22, 2011 at 11:46:19 PM at epicenter, at approx. 3 miles depth. Specific location: 37.070°N, 104.700°W.

3. According to the USGS, Colorado has a 3.2 earthquake on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 09:44:38 PM local time at epicenter, at approx. 3 miles depth. Specific location: 37.12N 104.69W. This aftershock occurs roughly 48 hours after the larger 5.3 on Monday.


4. According to the USGS, Virginia had a 5.8 earthquake on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 01:51:04 PM at epicenter, at approx. 3 miles depth. Specific location: 37.936°N, 77.933°W. The last quake of similar magnitude occurred in 1875. Due to the relative age of the eastern seaboard rock, and the shallow depth of the temblor, the quake was felt far and wide.

5. According to the USGS, Virginia had a 2.5 earthquake on Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 12:06:47 AM local time at epicenter, at approx. 14 miles depth. Specific location: 37.89N 77.96W. This aftershock occurs roughly 36 hours after the larger 5.8 on Tuesday.

Telltale sinkhole in Virginia, near epicenter. Blamed on a water main.

6. All quakes occurred on the same latitude of 37 degrees, with the two major western and eastern quakes occuring 12 hours apart. There is no known fault that traverses the U.S. at 37 degrees latitude.

7. "A rule of thumb equivalence from seismology used in the study of nuclear proliferation asserts that a one kiloton nuclear explosion creates a seismic signal with a magnitude of approximately 4.0." (wikipedia) Settling from the blasts typically occurs from a few hours to a few days after the blast, and can create seismic aftershocks for months afterward.

8. Finally, check out these videos of recorded weird sounds at the times of both Colorado and Virginia quakes. Smoking gun? In the Colorado video, the sounds of explosions can be heard. And are those the echoes of the initial blast traveling up the ventilation shafts? Or were there multiple explosions?

The Virginia video seems to record the sound of emergency venting of the underground complex. Check it out.

9. There was also a weird "trumpeting sound" in Florida (and Moscow, and Odessa, and Kiev and...) at the time of the second quake on August 23rd. It's been postulated that an underground tunnel complex terminates in FL. As for all the noises across the rest of the world... Da-da dunno.

UPDATE: As of 10/3/11, reports of loud BOOMS and explosions (via Phantoms and Monsters) have been reported in Louisville, TN, which is a scant 80 miles off the posited "tunnel system" created by... someone... along the 37th parallel, from Colorado to Virginia. It might behoove someone to correlate all strange underground noises/activity along this line.

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