Fearless Monster Hunters Review... THE BLOB

Blob blob blob.

This week, in honor of Da-da's getting closer and closer to the ground, the Fearless Monster Hunters (FMHs) have leveled their unrestrained puerile laser-sagacity onto... "THE BLOB," the original Eisenhowerian fear-fest from 1958... Eisenhowerian? Eisenhowerish? Eisenhoweryoudoin? And why do all the movies the FMH's review originate in 1958, anyway? No idea. Ok, here we go. As always, Da-da's comments are [bracketed].

Don't ever do this.

Fearless Monster Hunters Review... THE BLOB

Da-da: Ok, boys. Did this movie scare you at all?
Bronko(4YO): NO!
Nagurski (6YO): No.

Da-da: What was the movie about?
Bronko: A blob that ate everyone.
Nagurski: At the end it was frozen and dropped in Alaska, where it's gonna stay [until it enters politics].

D-d: Do you think blobs are real?
N: No. Yes! On another planet.
B: Maybe in Cincinnati. [??]

D-d: If a blob appeared outside your house, what would you do?
N: I would say hi and be its friend.
B: I would ask it if they wanted to be friends and if not, turn it into a breakfast food.
N: Blobbies!

D-d: What was your favorite part of the movie?
N: I dunno. When it parachuted down into Alaska?
B: When that blob ate that man with the stick. And the song! ["Beware of the Blob," one of Burt Bacharach's early hits.]

D-d: How did the movie make you feel?
N: Like staring at you.
B: Dizzy. Blobby.

D-d: Anything else?
N: There was too much stuff between the monster parts.
D-d: You mean plot.
B: Right. Too much plotting, not enough blobbing. There should also be more blob noises.
N: Blob blob blob. Count Blobula!

Count Blobula in action.


Boredom Blogger said...

What I learned from this post: Do not visit Cincinnati.

A Man Called Da-da said...

thing is, bronko has not only never been to cincinnatti, he has no idea what it is! he must've heard the name at school... OR he saw da-da watching a football game, saw the bengals uniforms and... extrapolated? da-da dunno.

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