The Return of the Native, Pythonian Edition

Both of Da-da's charges are verbal fish-dance adepts, a la Monty Python. Indeed, they're becoming quite Pythonian in their expressions (and occasionally Goreyesque). Case in point: Bronko just entered his older brother's room, where Da-da was sitting and reading Nagurski a book. Bronko looked at Da-da closely and announced, "You have a little bit of hair and a lot of face. Or a live chicken up there." Da-da would think this a remarkable 4YO utterance if he didn't have a little bit of hair and a lot of face, or a live chicken up there.

Not to be outdone, his older brother, Nagurski, yesterday intoned with subdued, minus-plus jocularity: "My butt is full of shock absorbers, let's have a polka!" Da-da has no idea where Nagurski heard about polkas, let alone southend shock absorption, but he suspects it's a genetic transmutation due recent CMEs.

SCTV, Da-da's boys are ready for their close-up.

Da-da misses the Schmenge brothers. Jeez, how could you not?

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