It's Always Superlatives Weekend

Da-da's feeble mind reels with sarcastic replies to this gem.
Feel free to vote on your favorite caption. EVER:

1. Best chick magnet. EVER.
2. Best birth control device. EVER.
3. Best, "Honey, I'm Just Glad to See you," moment.
4. Best reason to score PASTRAMI.
5. Best Football Tailgating Option.
6. Best Freudian used car misdirection. EVER.
7. Best wedding gift. EVER.
8. Best reason to get married. EVER.
9. Best combination of PICKLE and LEMON.
10. Best peni$ car transformation.
11. Best reason to own a Cadillac.
12. Best indication of potential pregnancy. EVER.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I vote for # 3 - although they could all work. LOL

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