Which Came First, the Tie or the Lie?

Beware the future, politicos: even four-year-olds can see through you.
A little glimpse of the transparent/demographic future. Once the kid-show he was watching was over, Da-da's youngest, 4YO Bronko, was forced to watch a PBS talk show for all of thirty seconds while Da-da was making lunch. Da-da's hands were too dirty to use the remote and turn it off. Onscreen were male and female talking heads of political persuasion, clad in dark gray suits and political party ties, looking overly staged to Da-da (who was a communications professional for 20 years before having kids and losing his first-person mind). Da-da finally got the TV turned off and lunch served. Bronko looked at Da-da and said, earnestly, "Da-da, can I tell you something? I don't like the people in ties. They lie."


Attention, Corporate America/Capitol Hill: your days are numbered when four-year-olds can see through you. Or, you could start wearing clown or giant monster suits, then you're IN.

Coming soon to an election near you.

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