Le 14 Juillet, Bastille Day

One can learn a lot about what 'Merica used to mean (and used to be) by studying the French reaction to it at the time of its inception. Don't forget, the French were so smitten with the red the white and the blue that, at one point, they gave us this:

A truly astonishing gift, if you think about it. Would any country do the same, today? (Especially as a kit?)

Anyway. Happy Bastille Day, everyone. We're having croissants for breakfast, then later throwing (stale) baguettes at the local IRS office ("Dr. Freud, clean up on aisle nine..."), shouting, "Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!" while chugging from a box-O-montrachet (you can get them at the Paris Costco, next to the meter-high wheels of brie), eating some fine soft cheeses and later escargot with loads of garlic and fresh baguettes and Da-da's FAIM now, thanks, Rabelais. Merde.

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