The Once and Future Da-da

Da-da's HOT, baby. Well... maybe ten thousand years ago. And humble!

This just in... scientists have finally identified Da-da's (former) energy stream as, "A HIGH-ENERGY CASINO-PLASMA," labeling it, "SIMULTANEOUSLY FUN AND PARALYZING AND OCCASIONAL BIPEDAL WITH AUSPICATORY FLECKS OF... WELL, SOMETHING."

This would indeed be exciting news if Da-da had any of that energy left. The plasma racked up approx. $297,000 in slot winnings and then lost it all on 23 BLACK somewhere back in 2005, when the first child arrived. The end is now closer to the beginning... or the cart is somewhere between 154th and 155th streets, just up from the unconscious beast of burden wearing the sexy anti-snore strip. You getting all this? Jeez, some people. Anyway, here's a recent pic of Da-da's current schizophrenic energy level, as recorded by the FNORD87 torpo-geosat ensconced somewhere over Greenland, before the Zyprexa chaser.

MAN, that seaweed-Rogaine fertilizer really worked.

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