The Kubrick Cut-out

Love him or hate him, it's Stanley Kubrick's birthday. Da-da still can't understand why he didn't make The Shining more like the book (Kubrick's ideas were good, but Stephen King's book is 10X scarier), but Da-da still chuckles when he recalls how Kubrick would choose vapid actors over those with more... well, presence (e.g., 2001, Barry Lyndon, etc.). He basically wanted cardboard cut-outs to fulfill his vision. Da-da's also puzzled on how Kubrick made Christmas trees seem like alien sentinels in Eyes Wide Shut. Is it just Da-da, or is the below pic creepy?

"Christmas is coming for you, Barbara."

There's also that weird Salman Rushdie separated-at-birth thing:

Aaaand, as a little Kubrick present, here's one of the best 2001: A Space Odyssey explanations ever (in flash).

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