Um, Ok. It's People. Is It Fattening?

So, this came out. What does it mean? It's a cracker. Its meaning is intrinsic (perhaps in more ways than one), if not a little banal. If you had to ascribe a larger meaning to said cracker, you might come up with the sad truth that anything anyone ever writes or paints or builds or sings or turns into a movie -- or has written, painted, built, sung or recorded in the past 250,000 years -- will eventually be used to sell you something (which is the prime reason Da-da conditions his progeny to distrust all corporate brands). Even worse, MOST OF THOSE THINGS WILL CONTAIN GROUND-UP PEOPLE.

This is not to say that ground-up people aren't good (the natives call it, "long-pig," if that tells you anything), or good for you... alas, like hard tack 200 years ago, it is what we in the British Navy call, "REPULSIVE, but tasty." That said, Da-da has no idea if this is any good, but if someone wants to send him a free box (or 10,000), he will dutifully record how much ennui or excitement it generates... you know, as a cracker. Why not buy a nice fresh baguette instead? If you really MUST have a cracker, slice the baguette thin and wait a day. BOOM. Crackers. If you don't slice it, you have a murder weapon.


Note: those of you who have no idea what Da-da's talking about (like, ever), here's a synopsis of SOYLENT GREEN.

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