Da-da's Recalibrated Aging Classification System 3000

The Terrible Twos seem to echo forever. Even though Da-da's oldest is six, he seems perpetually two, especially when his four-year-old brother is within his incalculable event horizon. However, as the world has accelerated past the world and into a world of REDUNDANT ACCELERATION WORLDLINESS, Da-da has created a new stereotypical age classification system for the New Stereotypically Aging World Order. Hope this helps. We're all counting on you.

Da-da's Recalibrated Aging Classification System 3000
  • Onceler Ones
  • Terrible Twos
  • Throw-uppy Threes
  • Floppy Fours
  • Friendly Fives
  • Sedate Sixes
  • Silly Sevens
  • Eager Eights
  • Nougie Nines
  • Taller Tens
  • Evolving Elevens
  • Touchy Twelves
  • Threatening Thirteens
  • Fickle Fourteens
  • Freakish Fifteens
  • Squirrely Sixteens
  • Suggestive Seventeens
  • Enticing/Egomaniacal Eighteens
  • Nowheresville Nineteens
  • Tornado twenties
  • Thoughtful Thirties
  • Futile Forties
  • Forgetful Fifties
  • Seeming Sixties
  • Slower Seventies
  • Enduring Eighties
  • Neverland Nineties
  • Humble Hundreds
  • Methusaleh Thousands (you wish).

Da-da wil be lucky to emerge from the Futile Forties.

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