Da-da's Smokin' '81 Honda

Behold: The Ultimate Chicken Magnet -- 1300 ccs of RAW POWER.
Sure, it smoked, but you'd have a right to smoke, too, if you had 180,000 miles on you.
Ok, Da-da's starting sentences with 'OK' again. He can't stand it anymore. Nearly all car manufacturers seem to brag these days about their latest vehicles getting up to 30 mpg. Wow. Da-da's '81 Honda Civic got 34 mpg city, 42 highway, held five people and was pretty darn perky, if not preternaturally sexy. (Hmm, think manufacturers and oil companies collude? Noooo, that would be wrong. Corporations -- and especially oil companies -- have only your best interest in mind. Jeez, what were you thinking?) Anyway, this is definitely gonna be the car Da-da's boys drive (in 2021 it'll be a CLASSIC). Good luck getting in trouble with that thing, boys. Da-da must admit, the venting system on that car was better than any car he's had since: open the vents and you got AIR like Nathan Lane channeling Ethel Merman. Or was it the other way around? Great car. And MANLY. Observe:

"Everything's coming up MANLY INTERIOR!" Makes your uvula vibrate like a jungle cat, right?

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