A Little Aperçus Into the World of DA-DA

Yes. Well. Da-da received back-to-back invites asking him to hawk something or other. One was a funny, "Sabermetric Look at the Little League World Series," the other... a skinny guy who made a music video about wanting someone to, "Lick [his] Bum Bum," in an '80s David-Byrne-on-Redbull-and-scotch video sorta way. Yeah. It's quite unlike Bob Log II and his most excellent, NSFW music video, "BOOB SCOTCH" (Da-da's still mad that he didn't come up with the fuzz-box-mic-in-the-helmet thing)... well, Da-da has no idea where this was going, but see for yourself into Da-da's moment of inertia. Or don't, and go paint an elementary school in Nicaragua. Either way... enjoy.

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