Oak Island Mystery SOLVED? [PART 1][UPDATED]

Arrrr, solving mysteries be better than gold, mateys... or not.

Allow Da-da to flex his 20+ years research into arcane subjects a moment. You all like stories of gold and buried treasure, Da-da will wager, so let's dig into the overblown oxymoron that is The Money Pit, better known as The Oak Island Mystery, arrr. [Spooky music UP.] Aye, this be the island where untold treasure lay buried, just off the weary coast of Nova Scotia. An 18th Century teenage sighting suggested that pirates had buried it there, and folks have been digging the crap out of this flat little nowheresville island (now devoid of oaks, denuded by treasure seekers) ever since, crazed by what they're sure is billions in chests of looted gold, yawning untold fortunes and run-on sentences... fortunes that have yet to turn up in the 216 years that investors have been losing fortunes trying to locate them. Money pit, indeed. Da-da recently read about yet another tragic band of suckers investors sinking yet more moolah into the aptly named Money Pit, this time electrocuting the island in hopes of divining underground tunnels that will lead to the promised land of arrrr. Whatever.

Da-da's pretty sure that few of his readers have probed The Oak Island Mystery in any great detail, but since you all like a good probing, a quick look at the initial facts will yield the near-certainty that there is no treasure -- not anymore, anyway. This from wikipedia:

"In 1795, 16-year-old Daniel McGinnis discovered a circular depression in a clearing on the southeastern end of [Oak Island] with an adjacent tree which had a tackle block on one of its overhanging branches."
Hmm. [Spooky music DOWN.]

Let's put our pirate hats on a moment. If you were a hard-working, untrusting pirate, would you leave a freaking telltale block and tackle and visible depression behind, ensuring that someone would dig up your piles of loot? Sure, pirates were smelly and ornery and mostly uneducated, but they weren't stupid. And yes, they may have been drunk a lot, but wrangling huge chests full of gold would no doubt sober the piratical, posthaste. More likely, the bulk of the treasure was REMOVED around 1795, and the teens witnessed the aftermath. Oak Island Mystery SOLVED, quod erat de monstratum pater absurdum.

The trick now is tracking where the potential fortune (that was previously dug up) wound up. It's possible that the historical record will yield some clues about someone who suddenly dropped from sight, went missing, or became wealthy overnight, c. 1795... but probably not. Da-da has his own suspects, but he's gonna keep that to himself for now. However, Da-da does have a picture of the treasure the pirates dug up. Who knew they liked Meister Brau?

"Arrr, be ye spongin' fer MEISTER BRAU, Mr. Teach? Best lay in some Advil."
UPDATE1: Lynn the 'net Oracle has weighed in on this topic, and there's apparently something still there. Surprisingly, the Stone of Scone (aka, the Stone of Destiny) is some kind of keystone to the labyrinth. More to be revealed in PART 2... if it ever gets written.

UPDATE2: Aha. The PTW/cabal *knows* exactly where this treasure is, but aren't sure how to get it out... and it galls them! Ha! Makes one wonder how important having the EXACT Stone of Scone key is in opening the lock. Good luck with that. But really... who cares? Gold just weighs you down. Treasure lies within.


jamesrav said...

I do agree that no treasure remains, if there ever was one. I'm sure you're aware of the "it's a natural phenomena" theory - with the sketchy (and conflicting) details of the various 'discoveries', this could be a situation of a tale growing all of out proportion to actual events. Your theory that treasure existed and was removed - why did they leave the area in such a good state? Pirate environmentalists? I first read about this in a Time-Life series I think, and they clearly put forth only supporting 'evidence' (the gold chain link, the cipher rock, the very precise layer formation). It taught me a valuable life lesson: be willing to gather information from all sources - pro and con, before coming to any conclusion.

pateriot said...

Where it would seem odd that someone would bury a treasure and then leave the block and tackle above it, it seems highly improbable that, after retreaving the treasure, they would then fill in the hole leaving platforms every ten feet and have it booby trapped. Please think things through a little better!!

It remains a complete mystery. Whatever was buried more then likely still remains buried.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Mmmm, no. The circumstantial evidence points very strongly to the lion's share of the loot having already been recovered. Think devious. If Da-da were a sly pirate and had a willing crew, he'd have them dig down extra far, put in some red herrings, then bury the treasure at the top, so that if someone came along and dug up the treasure, they'd think there was more and dig and dig and dig... and with each level, you could have a different set of crew do the work so none but a precious few know what level the treasure be on, arrr. Treasure's gone, matey. Da-da even has a good idea of who took it and where it went.

Anonymous said...

If the booty (arg)was recovered.Why would the finders bother,with putting the logs back at ten foot intervels.Much less the stone.I belive there is nothing there and never was.Just a game someone devised after they found a salt water fed pit on the island.Then made money selling treasure maps.Knowing nobody would ever rreach the bottom.

Jum said...

Maybe I've missed something, but I thought they were still excavating previously dug earth. I took this to mean that modern searchers had still not reached the "bottom", and thus had not reached the level at which any treasure would presumably have been stashed. Why would any treasure-hiders keep digging for 50 or 100 feet or more past the depth they actually intended to let the hoard rest?

A Man Called Da-da said...

no, they dug so deep that they broke down into a huge underground river. it's too cost-prohibitive (and rather silly) to dig any deeper. oh, well. there are lots of other treasures to find, but the best ones you can't take with you.

Magnus 111 said...

Just an example of imaginations gone wild. 3rd party evidence. Planted clues. Haha on everyone!
For all practicable purposes real or illusion without any real evidence of
treasure. There is none, now or ever. Bore hole after bore hole, wasted fortunes and lives. Might as well chase a puff of smoke! Prove me wrong or keep it to yourself!

capserone said...

Come on, DaDa! Tell us! Who do you think took the treasure and where did it go? We're dying to know!

A Man Called Da-da said...

THAT is a very good question, which Da-da has been researching. It's a lot more complicated than people think. Might have to be its own book. Stay tuned!

A Man Called Da-da said...

There is indeed much much more to all this, but I won't write about it here (for free). My words and research keeps being stolen and used in other books/writings, so you'll forgive me if I keep my private research to myself. If an enlightened publisher would like to fund this project, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, I'm happy with leaving the chests locked to the currents.

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