This October's Magic Thingie (and a little CHI)

October 2010 contains an ancient magic thingie.

[spooky music UP]

It has FIVE Fridays, FIVE Saturdays and FIVE Sundays all in one month, which only occurs once every 823 years. Kinda like Da-da's shower/quiet-time frequency. Ahem.

According to all things Feng Shui, it's considered the greatest of luck to pass this info around (the FIVE days thing, not Da-da's forced hygienic dearth)... BUT, since luck is not a factor for nearly all of you, it'll at least result in you popping open a big ol' can of INSPIRATION. Ahhh, smells like inspiration.

Speaking of Feng Shui inspiration, if your home/biz/corp network is not experiencing MAXIMUM CHI, you might want to try this:
The AcmeVaporware Feng Shui Torpo-Fluxometer for Unflinching Network Vector Orientation enables anyone to instantly determine which direction to orient their network for chi optimization. This chi-optimization technology was first discovered by occult cruise-packet researchers at Morvalia Polytechnic University's Advanced Divination section (whose research was funded by a generous grant from AcmeVaporware).
AVW's Networking Feng Shui Vector technology reaches quickly and easily into the Soliton Reality Transport Layer that constantly surrounds us, extracting and pre-packaging the optimal native networking vector changes or flux. In this form of networking Feng Shui, a representative doppelganger of the envisioned network is designed to fit the corporate LAN/WAN "body" comfortably, orienting it along a North-South-East-West cardinal grid to allow the network body to best route vital soliton energy, or chi, so that is can function effectively and thus eliminate metro gridlock.

In Feng Shui networking, every cruise-packet soliton has a certain chi value. These values are automatically collated and analyzed by the Torpo-Fluxometer, which then generates vector matrix aggregations that guide the creation of LANs and WANs, tailoring the flow to promote individual end-user well-being and maximum carrier cost-effectiveness.

In relation to existing network build-outs, Networking Feng Shui archetypes guide us in seeking naturally beneficial site/CO conditions, network topologies and equipment enclosures, rack arrangements, optimal wiring paths and such. In doing so, the AVW Feng Shui Torpo-Fluxometer channels natural earth-mother/cruise-packet chi energies to empower networks in doing what they already do, but just a whole lot better and with a pretty blue glow.
Wow, that's great gobbletygook.

Remember: AVW's Advanced Torpo-Divination Maquiladora chugs 24/7 to help Da-da (and Ma-ma) network architects maximize superior cruise-packet vector integrity. Printed verbatim with permission of the folks running AcmeVaporware. AIIEEE! Bruce Wayne is wearing bat underpants!


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A Man Called Da-da said...

I tried to add this, but google's misbehaving today. Anyway, many thanks to Vulcana Wolfe for that tidbit!


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