Another Lost Da-da Weekend (aka, Da-da's Female PRON Transformation)

Rather than mope and wallow in the loss of Da-da's awesome first-class jetsetting, 10-hour sleeping, fine dining, museum visiting, book writing, cathedral-ceiling-painting lifestyle, Da-da has ditched it all -- WILLINGLY, yes, haha! -- to become A Man Called Da-da. And Da-da loves it! No, really. It's great.

To show how much he loves it, Da-da respectfully submits Exhibits A-F, showcasing his transformation into a FEMALE PRON centerfold. This weekend, Da-da:

A. Steam-cleaned the carpets (upstairs and down). 

B. Washed all the windows, inside and out, upstairs and down, while entertaining the kids.

C. Did the ironing.

D. Did all the shopping.

E. Whipped up a little pre-T-day, 10-course dinner.

F. Drew a little candlelit bath for the missus... and rubbed her feet.

And now, Da-da's a little dead.

Ok, Da-da did all of the above EXCEPT the candle-lit bath, but only because he died somewhere along the way. And Da-da doesn't really look like the above: he's actually wearing tie-dye over his oozing white-haired deadness. Ready for Da-da's zombie close-up!

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