Science Has Been Drinking: To Sleep, Perchance to Conceive?

Lessee... did some yoga, had a hot shower, a buncha sex... OH NO.

SLEEP experts are urging people to make love, practice yoga and have a hot shower (not necessarily in that order) to give themselves the best chance possible of a good night's sleep. (Bonus points for doing all that at once.) What sleep experts don't realize is that these sleep tactics also offer a very good chance at CONCEPTION, thus murdering sleep in its sleep.

Yup, kids are like MacBeth. The ReDormin Sleep Study found yoga can increase slumber by 64 minutes, sex and a hot shower before bed can each give you 6 minutes more sleep, while resulting babies and small children will DECREASE sleep by 9,474,003 minutes.

Sleep research financiers, next time just give the money to Da-da and he'll save you some time.

Well, that's it for Da-da.

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