The Once and Future Conflict Obsolescence

That should read, "mainstream U.S. media"; some are bucking the mediocre trend.

Da-da chatted with one of his neighbors this afternoon (his name is also Da-da, isn't that weird?) after he and his family had been out of the country for a few weeks. While abroad, he went out with some young friends of his in the military; they went out for drinks, and everyone was quite relaxed. In a hushed voice, he asked them why they were so casual, as he'd heard everyone was on high alert. They shook their heads, said everything there was fine. Quiet. Never better. There were no hostilities whatsoever.

Da-da's neighbor was in South Korea.

There were no tensions. No saber-rattling. No three-inch headlines. Everyone was happy. There are tons of jobs. The food was awesome.

Indeed, Da-da's int'l intelligence sources are saying -- independently -- that not only are things getting better in that corner of the world, for the most part, but there will soon be a reunification of North and South Korea (and jobs galore), and that people on both sides are very hopeful about it. Huh.

Yes, the South Koreans looked happy. It wasn't until Da-da's neighbor returned home that he saw people who looked unhappy, tense and stressed, like there was a war on. The problem is, war just doesn't work when there isn't one -- and it works even less when there is.

Needless to say, fear-mongering and fact-mangling are two of the main reasons Da-da ignores much of the corporate-controlled U.S. media. Why not? The rest of the world does. And we're all so happy.

Fig. 17c. "The Oxymoron."

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