Da-da's Gothic Home Improvement for the Haunted Parent

Where is that squirrel?

Ever since Da-da turned his entire house into an enormous speaker, Da-da's neighbors have been supplying him with free rocks! But NOW, the throbbing MANTOVANI they'll be enjoying will be ORGANIC, having been transmogrified from digital to analog via Da-da's newfangled miniature A-D Converter. Yes, all the knobs go to 11. And it only weighs three tons! Da-da even installed a step so you could reach it. Handy! And talk about increasing property value!

Here's Da-da servicing one of the house's 27 tweeters. The extreme decibels keep dissolving the
ionic bonds in the copper wires. (No, not the covalent bonds, Timmy. This is copper we're talking about!)

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