Da-da's Psycho-Neurasthenic Theater of Grueling Parenting Horror QUADRUPLE FEATURE!

Hello, and welcome to Da-da's Psycho-Neurasthenic Theatre. Today's marathon QUADRUPLE FEATURE will continue without stop, as it has for the past several years. As always, all features will be shown simultaneously ON THE SAME SCREEN -- In 3-D, TERRORVISION and SMELL-O-RAMA. The concession stand is capable, but limited. The clerk is grumpy. The floor is littered with debris. Please watch your step. Please note that the show will continue (and be added to, in layers) in perpetuity, or until the red light is OUT. If you need anything, the clerk will be in the back, staring at the red light. 

Enjoy the show!

-The Management

C'mon, red light...

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