"Da-da, Does Psychic Jesus Have Video Games?"

Besides offering pizza and video games, Brother J is now apparently psychic. Right ON.

An inexplicable verbal exchange from seconds ago:
5YO Bronko: "Da-da, does Psychic Jesus have video games?"
Da-da (long pause): "What?"
5YO Bronko: "DOES Psychic Jesus have video games?!"
Da-da: "Psychic Jesus??"
5YO Bronko (getting flustered): "You KNOW. The place with the pizza!"
Da-da: "Ooooooooh. You mean the place where Vlad's having his birthday party?"
5YO Bronko: "YEEES. Psychic Jesus. Do they have video games or NOT?!"
Da-da: "Of course. All spiritual leaders offer pizza and video games in their restaurants."
5YO Bronko: "Mm."
Da-da: "And they always know your order before you order it."
5YO Bronko: "Good."

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