DONUT ALERT: Heads-Up for August 4th??

This disturbed Da-da's inner peace... UNTIL THE POWER OF DONUTS TOOK OVER.

Da-da has learned (via ATS) that the same 800% stock spike (with the same stocks) that occurred two days prior to 9/11 has occurred again... and it might be a glitch, but similar stocks are up 2000% in the past two days (see above). Here are some of the stocks that are showing unusual positive volume:
1973% GOV US Equity
1063% PL US Equity
747% MTZ US Equity
672% EXG US Equity
578% N US Equity
518% BG US Equity
420% HOG US Equity
407% TRN US Equity
401% PIR US Equity
388% PPO US Equity
316% KRO US Equity
314% DDD US Equity
305% DOLE US Equity
298% JWN US Equity
262% HLF US Equity
248% MCP US Equity
248% NOK US Equity
247% FRX US Equity
238% FSL US Equity
237% LH US Equity
Do a Google search for, "August 4, 2012 Olympic false flag." Seems like something's up. Da-da certainly hopes he's wrong; he's just following the money. The NYSE is allegedly investigating this unusual activity:
"The NYSE and NYSE MKT are currently reviewing irregular trading identified by our people and systems in 148 (140 NYSE/8 MKT) symbols between 09:30:00 a.m. and 10:15:00 a.m. ET today. The NYSE and NYSE MKT will provide updates with respect to these reviews. At this time, we believe NYSE systems and circuit breakers operated normally during this period, and we are working with all market participants on the issue."
Then there's the NYTimes from August 1st:
An automated stock trading program suddenly flooded the market with millions of trades Wednesday morning, spreading turmoil across Wall Street and drawing renewed attention to the fragility and instability of the nation’s stock markets.
Let's hope it's just a glitch. Seems a lot of the trades have reportedly been canceled. Then there's this today:
As noted, the NYSE circulated an electronic communique saying it was reviewing trades on a total of 148 securities. While the stocks affected included household names such as Citigroup, the Big Board later said trades on the following six stocks were cancelled:

Wizard Software Corp. (NYSE: WZZ), on trades at or above $4.68 a share
China Cord Blood Corp. (NYSE: CO), at or above $3.22
Reaves Utility Income Fund (NYSE: UTG), at or below $0.0497
E-House (China) Holdings Ltd. (ADR) (NYSE: EJ), at or below $3.36
American Repographics Co. (NYSE: ARC), at or above $5.71
Quicksilver Resources Inc. (NYSE: KWK), at or above $5.91

The NYSE said the trades occurred between 9:30 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. Eastern time, and noted that its review decisions are final and aren’t subject to appeal

Then there's something else. Da-da didn't want to tell anyone this, but he had a dream earlier this week about running from something with his family, while a FLASH occurred across a large body of water, followed by a huge moan of a crowd, and a shockwave. If Da-da hadn't seen the above info, he'd never have mentioned it. Note that Da-da rarely has prophetic dreams -- and when he does, they have never come true! Yay! So, Da-da hopes this is just a planetary fear wave that will swell and subside and leave happy donuts in its wake.

Da-da is concentrating hard on NOTHING happening in London (or anywhere else) tomorrow -- or ever. Thought takes form in action. Imagining a calm and peaceful, lazy day of blue skies and happy people eating HUGE HAPPY DONUTS is one thing, but if millions of people do it... well, then it's Donut City. You can figure out the symbolism for yourself.

Donuts: There is NOTHING they cannot do.

UPDATE (7:00 pm): This appears to be stellar news. Da-da doesn't believe that this Knight Trading thing was a glitch, and that subsequent investigations will reveal the papertrail necessary to poke a massive chainsaw into the finances of The Powers That Were. DONUT POWER!

UPDATE (8/4): Looks like nothing's gonna happen. Yay! Donuts for all Da-da's friends.

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