Dodged Another One, Photo Montage Ed.

Looks like we all dodged another whacko conspiracy knuckeball by getting through the summer Olympics without any serious 9/11-type event or alien landing -- or additional sightings of THE QUEEN'S HAPPY FACE, real or otherwise.

We continue to not be amused.

Da-da's insider contacts continue to point out that, for the most part, guns aren't working and missiles are failing all over the place, frustrating someone who badly wants to do serious WWIII mischief (with a few weird exceptions). Da-da for one is going to be celebrating every day from now till New Years like we all won the lottery... but without the actual moolah and limitless resources. Nighttrain shooters at Da-da's!

Now all we need do is convince the media that NPAA is something people should know about before it happens to them. It's sad when the foreign press is the only champion of the U.S. Constitution. Hello? This thing on?

Regardless, note that someone somewhere forecasted that this week is the beginning of a MAMMOTH INFLUX OF LIGHT, through Thursday. From where? FROM DOVES AND BUNNIES AND ANGELS AND UNICORNS O'COURSE, where else? Da-da doesn't care where it comes from, so long as it comes. So, be happy. Good things are happening.

Whoa. This isn't gonna mess up the wax job on Da-da's '81 Honda, right? Right.

Oh! And this is Da-da Post #1111! Whoohoo!

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