Higher Weirdness (or, "Shut Up, Nostradamus")


2012 hasn't even thrown out its new-years packing material and already we have our first set of bizarro anomalies... which are actually continuances of earlier bizarro audio anomalies that Da-da wrote about  HERE back in September. You can heck out the sounds embedded in at the end of that post, or specifically give a isten to this sound clip from that post (the event occurred last August 22, 2011):

Now, here's a similar sound that occurred recently in Costa Rica on January 9, 2012:

But things were already spooky, audio-atmospherically. Here's a bizarro sound from Kiev, August 1, 2011...

...as well as similar sounds in Bucharest in early December, 2011...

...and most recently in Alberta in broad daylight:

Sure, ok. That's all a 9.2 on the Da-da Weirdness Meter. Indeed, it's strange out there in the wide open air... but what else is new? It's always been weird. It's EARTH. But there's probably a reasonable explanation, if you have an open mind, or at least one that makes sense to a part of us. Factually, similar audio sky anomalies were observed in the mid-19th C. and absolutely nothing came of them. So, those who are crying about Trumpets of the Apocalypse should be hoist by their own self-serving petard. As for the later bizarro sounds of wailing in Kiev and Bucharest and Alberta... well, these could be audio fakes created by fundamentalist folks to carry said echatonic agendas. Da-da doubts this, but it's possible. Or it's consceivable that HAARP is causing it, as we have no idea what those idiots are doing (and neither do they). Or perhaps it's high energy particles from the sun striking the earth more violently as sun-earth magnetic fields align. (The proton density of the solar wind was higher than normal in the Bucharest and Alberta events, with some south-facing polarity.) Or perhaps that latter odd noise is the wind howling through the earth's hair as she hurtles along at the edges of the Milky Way, the galaxy itself screaming throguh space-time at a third the speed of light, perhaps encountering a region populated by space-dust pixies in Nostradamus gift shops selling FEAR sno-globes to the natives. No matter. Like they say in France, "Shut up, Nostradamus."

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