Doppelganger Monday (KIR ROYALE EDITION)

Queen Elizabeth clearly LOVES kir royales. Can you spot the clue?

Ok, two things. First off, Da-da's ma-ma -- aka Grandma Scotty -- is a living dead-ringer for Queen Elizabeth II. More importantly, there's the issue of exactly why Her Highness is holding a swanky (empty) liter bottle-orb of...

...Chambord?... at Her coronation. (One guess as to Queen Elizabeth's and Grandma Scotty's favorite... er, favourite beverage.) She even totes around that same golden sceptre to whack errant moose -- which surprisingly is the exact same reason Queen Elizabeth weilds her own fancy whackstick. What a strange and wondrous, teeny tiny world we live in... now in 3-D! Kir royales for everyone. Yes, at 10:00 in the morning, Ms. Demeanor. The kids are off from school today, and have been for four days now. Krikey.

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