Your Kid is Slothlike

Guess who?

Da-da just heard two LSMs (Leopard Skinned Moms) at Hole Fuds -- where else -- arguing about whose kid was HOTTER. Their kids looked like drugged tree sloths, but Da-da doesn't think irony plays any part in their lives. Da-da has always hoped his kids would be awkwardly geeky and rather homely, so they'd end up as hugely attractive uberfashion models in Milan. Hey, it'sDa-da's DREAM, ok? Don't mess with THE DREAM. So, in support of his rather splanchnic hypothesis, Da-da presents a photo of a famous celebrity who wasn't exactly a dreamboat at nine. Can you guess who it is? Winner gets an autographed prosthetic limb of Adolph Menjou. Da-da's choice on which limb.


Kent Smith said...

Is it George Clooney?

A Man Called DA-DA said...

we have a winner! did you want a scapula or a tibia? (adolph was into prosthetic bones, who knew?) actually, for you, citizen, i have a copy of "5 Million Years to Earth." i can email that, right?

AND... george wasn't really ugly at that age, but he did look a little geeky. my apologies, george.

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