Wurfing is as Wurfing Does

Wurfing? Yes, wurfing. "Web surfing" sounds so lame that a neologism is needed to make communication BETTER and easier and more complicatedly apres-post-moderne. So wurfing. Anyway, wurfing (an admittedly dumb word) is ostensibly bad and turns you into a mushroom, despite this snippet-gist:
During the winter of 2007, a UCLA professor of psychiatry named Gary Small recruited six volunteers—three experienced Web surfers and three novices—for a study on brain activity. He gave each a pair of goggles onto which Web pages could be projected. Then he slid his subjects, one by one, into the cylinder of a whole-brain magnetic resonance imager and told them to start searching the Internet. As they used a handheld keypad to Google various preselected topics—the nutritional benefits of chocolate, vacationing in the Galapagos Islands, buying a new car—the MRI scanned their brains for areas of high activation, indicated by increases in blood flow.

The two groups showed marked differences.

This makes me feel so much better at my abandoning Facebook and Twitter. I am superior. I am CAPITALIZING. I am annoying and will shut up. Happy Friday.

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