Of Ships, Naked Ninjas, Cookie Logs & Close-ups

Da-da's youngest, Bronko (the poster child for CUTELITTLEBASTID.COM), comes to Da-da this morning and says, "we're making a MOVIE, dada! a SHIP MOVIE!" Da-da said that's great, commodore, can he help? "NO! it's OUR movie!" he then informed Da-da that he could help a little, but only if he and his brother retained full creative control and FINAL CUT. Then, Da-da's youngest sent in his ENFORCER, Nagurski, fresh from Naked Ninja School, to ensure that Da-da knew his role -- and his place.

Da-da proceeded to the galley to facilitate in the way he knows best: making chocolate chip cookies. Here's the inevitable dough log (Da-da keeps it in the fridge and bakes 'em as he needs 'em).

Yeah, that's some log, Horatio, he said, ducking punch lines. But, as feckless studio head and chief swabo (ah, a small naval joke), what else is Da-da good for but keeping the crew happy?

 So, Bronko got to work on the script...

...while Nagurski got ready for his close-up.

NOTE: this was BEFORE the cookies. EXEC PRODUCER'S NOTE: it pays to keep the talent happy or they can turn on you.

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