Da-da's Glamor Night Job is All Glamory

Freddy... er, Da-da says, "Come again! Da-da slime you long-time!"

So, Da-da's taken a break from being Bad Mall Santa Da-da and the Easter Bunny during off-school hours to be... Frog-Headed Guy! Seems some weird all-night shoppers in some weird all-night markets reeeally like this kinda thing and, well... Da-da makes awesome frog noises, so you do the math. The late-night things Da-da does to help bring home the sushi. Too bad he has kid duty during the day. Luckily, store management lets Da-da wear the frog head home! The boys love it. Ma-ma LOVES it. (Once you've been with a frog, you never go back.) Speaking of the impossible, where's Doug and Emmy Jo? (No one's getting that one.)

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