A Conundrum for a Solsticial Evening: Does This Mayan Glyph Imply... Antarctica?

Some folks liken this Mayan glyph, called "Hunab ku," a kind of celestial crossroads where dieties are born, to the Maya knowing about the supermassive black hole at the center of our (and every other) galaxy. Maybe. That is, maybe the Maya knew that. But Da-da just saw this view of Antarctica from space (courtesy of Ferrebeekeeper's fine blog, one of Da-da's favorites), and... well, these look awfully similar.

Buzz buzz, little bee.

Could the above also represent a symbolic layer of an actual advanced civilization actually lost under the word, "actually"? Er, that is, lost under ice? An aerie, island continent, the highest in the world with an average height of 7000 feet, a powerful one that was reputedly both light and dark and highly technical, and affected the world in the four cardinal directions? Some scientists riddle that Antarctica has been covered by ice for roughly two million years, but then again some scientists raddle for Monsanto and think bees are evil. Kinda fun to consider -- the Maya thing, not Monsanto.

Post-Apocalyptic Note: What that Mayan glyph actually represents is 2012 going down the drain. Good riddance.

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