Scenes From Da-da's Mind-Roasting Summer

There was a lot of this... which came in handy for roasting marshmallows -- and body hair -- on the go!
Just think of it as a month-long shave.

The flames weren't due to any great speed, but were instead because the (motor oil and) natives *inside* were indeed restless and, well, COVETOUS of whatever their brother had in their possession, the two often catching fire within Da-da's awesome Wagon Queen Family Truckster, " HONKY LIPS" edition, which is awesome. And typically on fire. And now full of kid garbage. What's the coefficient of friction of kid garbage, anyway?

Let's see... there was also one of these. Mildly deadly.

And one of these. We survived both, despite the psycho children.
Um, FYI: children are far more frightening than any mass murderer psycho.

Then more of this, before finally reaching...

This. Ah. Well... this might be overglamorizing,  esp. as we never really made it out of our driveway. Sorry, the plate in Da-da's head isn't what it used to be (it's now made by LEGO).

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