Lying to Da-da Gets You... THE VERDICT

Don't lie to Da-da. It makes his face go all earthquakey.

Someone asked why Da-da cares about the solar wind. He in fact does not care about the solar wind. Da-da just wants the info so he knows what's going on. But more and more, said info cannot be obtained. NASA's taken to deleting data, and other countries are following suit. NASA is also shutting down satellites when unusual data arises. Here are some recent examples: link1 + link2 + link3. This compells Da-da to offer some friendly advice. Listen up, govt. agencies and the media, you need to know this:

When you hide something, everyone is interested.

It's Human Nature 101. If you put the info out there in a nominally bland, governmental way, most people go, "oh," and move on with their lives.

Hiding data and access to data makes people want it more. Oh, and speaking as a parent... lying is wrong, and leads to time-outs. And lying to the public is not only wrong, it's soon to be a serious felony, worldwide, and leads to Ultimate Time-outs.

Since few will remember Paul Newman's awesome final summation from, "The Verdict" (written by David Mamet), here it is again, and boy is it timely:

Da-da doubts all current institutions. The only one he doesn't doubt is MA-MA. And Ma-ma is THE LAW.

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