Pay No Attention to the Death Star Behind the Curtain

Hm. This is puzzling. As a gentleman scientist, it is in fact damn peculiar. Seems on Monday, March 12th, 2012, we on earth had a solar wind reversal -- that is, the powerful stream high energy particles from the sun which typically blows into the dayside of the earth suddenly reversed direction and came from the NIGHT SIDE. It looks in fact on the video like something "blew" at the earth from the wrong side. This isn't supposed to happen, but it did, if you look at the above evidence. The really puzzling thing is, all the data from that day has been scrubbed from all of NASA's sites. Same goes for the Japanese site that also monitors this. Ok, so we had a massive burst on the night side of the earth, pushing the sun's EM envelope back. There are obviously lots and lots of high energy objects and events in the universe, so why hide this fact with erased data?

Obviously, what caused the event has violated the inner mental paradigms of those in charge, so much so that they simply deleted the data. Never underestimate the power of denial here on Planet Whoopie, but... what could've caused such fear-based deletion? Da-da's at a loss to even make fun of it. Or is it that old bugaboo that they're, "saving us from the scary truth." Lying and obfuscation are much scarier -- and are indeed, a felony. And would any of this, by any chance, have to do with the huge anomalous object seen orbiting close to the sun that everyone was buzzing about recently -- oh, and back in January of 2010, too? Have those metallic, planet-sized anomalous Death Star stand-ins that exited the sun back in 2010 come home to roost, cloaked nearby, blowing cosmic smoke in our faces? Anyone? Darth Buehler? NASA deleted all these images, too, but here are some Da-da saved before they were excised from NASA's STEREO A and B satellites.

Welcome to one of the deleted NASA images. Now you begin to see why.
Whatever just emerged from the sun's corona in this pic is metallic (or generating a field)
and about the size of Jupiter.
Um, the sun's corona is about 1.5 million degrees.

This from Spain's unexpurgated satellite camera.

Look at that swamp gas.

Just a glitch... transiting the sun.


Kandinsky said...

I haven't watched the video, but the images of spacecraft near the Sun are digital compression artifacts. A lot of folk on the internet have been pushing these images as evidence of spaceships without checking out what causes them.

You can't blame them really because they do *look* like 3-dimensional objects.

A good place to start checking is this link > http://stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov/artifacts/artifacts_cosmic_rays.shtml

Cosmic rays hit the CCD sensor and cause pixels to bloom out or become white. In the process of making images from the data, these pixels are rendered as object-looking things. It's possible to check this out by accessing the STEREO data and reviewing the data from the images immediately before and after the purported 'UFOs.'

Cosmic rays are fast as light and don't hang around on a series of images as you'd expect Earth-sized spaceships to do.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da has heard that before. As one who's worked with computers all his life, Da-da has seen his share of digital artifacts... and those don't look like digital artifacts. Digital artifacts don't transit the sun. They also don't reflect sunlight.

Watch the video. Why does Da-da get up early every morning to make you kids a hot video?

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