It's SURVIVOR... With a Hug

Da-da doesn't often recommend things that aren't radioactive and ingesting East Rutherford, but the Kratt brothers have a new animal show on PBS that's half live action, half animation, and delivers a lot of engaging information in a short time for kids 4-11. Anyway, here's the description:
A half-hour adventure comedy from Chris and Martin Kratt - adventurers, brothers, zoologists and creators of hit shows such as Kratt's Creatures, Zoboomafoo and Be the Creature. In their first-ever animated series, they are on a mission to save the animals of this planet from the evil Zach Varmitech, who plans to use animal "spare parts" to create a legion of biotech robots that will give him control over nature and the entire planet.
[PBS linky] 
Huh. Kinda like real life, with MONSANTO as evil Dr. Stand-in and Dick Cheney as The Beaver. Anyway, it's well done. The PBS site is pretty good, too. Da-da's been playing on it all day. Right now he's a sloth... wait, he's always a sloth. KRATT!

And NO, Da-da wasn't paid for this. He doesn't accept money -- or geese -- for reviews, sorry.

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