Once You've Gone Squirrel...

Weighing in at 55% ABV (that's Alcohol By Volume, Maurice), my addled Da-da brain simply cannot neurocrunch the amazing WTF levels achieved by $765-per-12oz.-bottle, dead-squirrel-koozie beer from BrewDog. Maybe it's all the squirrels Da-da has inhaled in the past. This, of course, won't stop yours truly from selling his vintage bomb shelter to purchase a marsupasixer, but only when it comes in a double breasted kinkajou sexcunx (no, it's not dirty, Mr. Succotash, it's a Latin sixer). Gotta have standards when your head is full of alien machinery, sheesh.

"Not enough O's in SMOOOOOTH to kinkajou that slaker..."

It's like my own teen-Martian patois!

Oh, wait... SQUIRREL!!

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