When Grammar Nazis ATTACK

Hey! Gimme that!

Da-da was savaged earlier this week by a fearlessly anonymous grammar Nazi, claiming Da-da committed every grammar crime from split infinitives to prepositional propositionals to sentences beginning with, "And," overuse of neolgisms, and of course endless run-on sentences that ran on and on and on and on... AND on and on and on... well, they eventually stopped... SOMETIMES.

As Xerxes the Great said to Gherxjkin the Insignificant: "So?"

Da-da sees english as a LIVING DEAD LANGUAGE, one that should have its dead limbs beaten and whacked away from the doors and windows and not allowed within the confines of manifest destiny and shot in the head at your earliest convenience, leaving everyone both STRUNK and WHITE -- of course, secondarily to keep a postmodern reader's impossible interest, and primarily because Da-da thinks it's fun to flay his own language and, well... this is his blog, so he'll mangle his own language and lots of other languages till the cows return to Capistrano, il castrato. Da-da sincerely hopes this little explanation goes a long way toward assisting grammar Nazis with their greasing of 1st Person corncobs posthaste. Failing that, you could shut up and man the post for awhile. Da-da's children LOVE guests.

Give us a kiss, Adolph.

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