Bad Mall Santa Da-da #4

No more alien children, please.

Today's featured Santa/kid interaction involves a cute, innocuous looking 7YO blonde girl with Heidi braids across her head, dressed impeccably from some expensive European catalog. Her mom was dressed identically, the same Heidi braid on her head. It was a little odd, but not as odd as the software borh their heads were runing.
Santa Da-da: Hello! What can Santa bring you this year?
Santa Da-da: I'm not?Heidi: NO! YOU SHOULD BE IN CHAINS!
She then jumped down and high-fived her identically dressed Heidi mom [??], both of them giving Santa Da-da dirty looks as they stomped off. What the hell was that all about? Perhaps it's true that Da-da lives near one of those Displaced Space-alien Enclaves like the ones outside all the Disney properties. Maybe Santa Da-da needs some body armor.

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Step back from Santa Da-da, or there will be... trouble.

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