"We Wanna Go to Chuck-E-Jesus!"

Da-da's boys caught a rare glimpse of a commercial (they aren't allowed to watch commercial TV), on PBS of all places, for the dreaded Chuck-E-Cheese's. Da-da's oldest, Nagurski, then asked:

"Da-da, what's Chuck-E-Jesus?"

"What's WHAT?" Da-da asked, caught off guard.

Da-da's youngest, Bronko, who was typically half-naked, chimed in: "We wanna go to Chuck-E-Jesus!"

Loud, manic chanting ensued.

While this might seem mildy blasphemous by smaller minds, Da-da thought this represented a nice re-branding opportunity -- not only for the ailing (and damnably loud and annoying) restaurant chain, but also for an ailing (and annoyingly byzantine and secretive) church that shall remain nameless. Sure would make communion a lot yummier ("yumminess" being at the hermetic core of transubstantiation).  Wait... if pizza is blessed, is it less fattening? Takes the guilt out, right -- AND THE FAT?? Oh, come on. Brother J thought it was funny.

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bobo fornax said...

I am sure this made Brother J LOL!

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