UPDATE: God-DOES-Play-Dice-With-the-Universe -- At Least in Mexico City

So. Unless our eyes deceive us and that's just a VERY large bigfoot throwing a monster Fedex box out of the sun (filled with attorneys they sent back), then the above really *is* a GIGANTIC BOX (or cube if you're a purist) coming out of the sun on 4/29-4/30/13. Just to recap, glitches don't typically transit from inside the sun's corona. Or they do, in this case. In multiple wavelengths. OR perhaps that's a huge die -- which means that, contrary to what Einstein said, God really DOES play dice with the universe. Place your bets.

[Ok, let's try a little math... the above object moves approx. 20 earths-worth of distance in 12 hours... Earth's diameter = 12,756 km. 20 x 12,756 = 255,120 km... D=RT... 255,120 = R x 12... so, God's die is moving approx. 21,000 kph. Pretty slow for a giant die-cube UFO glitch.]


And then we have this recent tidbit from Mexico City, from Dec. 31st: an all-black cube.

A sighting marred only by the guy's annoying gum-chewing.

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alanborky said...

Da-Da it's a good job you cover this sort o' stuff or I'd miss most o' these.

Don't know wha' it is but I know wha' it reminds me of.

A four wheel party bom'in' down the highway with lots a beer an' other things bein' passed round while some guy at the back finishes off the last slice o' pizza before frisbyin' the greasy Pizza Hut box out the window.

I expect t'see lots o' evidence o' such goin's ons fillin' the gutters t'morro' plus lots o' burst condoms plus lakes o' vomit conjoined by trails o' black nasal blood.


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