Mars Moving Rock Anomaly Solved?

Whatever it is, it didn't fall off the Rover, as suggested by NASA. See the two little marks, before and after?

In an interesting, but far from surprising development with the Mars Rover, a "rock" has apparently moved between the shutdown of the Rover a month ago (due to "bad weather," apparently) and a recent rebooting of the thing. The "rock" can be seen above, before and after shutdown, with Da-da's red arrows showing that whatever the object is, it's not dropped into the frame from above or fallen off a wheel, as NASA has suggested. It's been there all along, having pivoted about 30 degrees to the left. Scientists are, "baffled," of course. What else is new?

This forces the rest of us to envision some interesting possibilities:

1. The rock is simply a rock, and temperature differentials -- or water ice beneath the surface -- caused the rock to burst upward and twist. This is admittedly odd, as none of the other rocks seems to have moved, but possible. Anyone remember this strange ice property that was documented a few years ago?

It's possible that water ice beneath the surface did something exotic like the above and twisted the little chunk of rock.

2. It's an animal, albeit a strange one. It's entirely possible that animal life looks very much like the surrounding countryside, which makes you wonder if there are predators about making that kind of camouflage necessary. But the pivoting of the two small marks TOWARDS the Rover make it appear as if an animal has popped up to look at the probe and wonder if it's paid the proper fee to be parked where it is.

3. It was disturbed by the rover itself. Looks pretty rocky, so it might not have left a track. And it does look like the rock was twisted up, perhaps caught in a wheel as it was twisting.

Is that Cameron Mitchell? ON MARS??

4. It was disturbed by someone walking around the rover.  Jeez, every time we turn around, NASA is having problems with this and that -- esp. when things get interesting -- with Impromptu System Shutdown being the order of the day. Ever wonder why that is? This was what we did in IT all the time when we were bored, but NASA seems to do it all the time with their probes and satellites, perhaps hiding things they don't want us to see. Exploration, indeed. Try OBFUSCATION. Perhaps NASA knew a team was going to be moving through the area to scrub the place of anything they didn't want us to see... ah, but that sounds conspiratorial, and we all know that there ARE no real conspiracies, right? Right. 9/11 was terrorists. Wars are about resources and ideologies. Sure.

Here's how much that's gonna cost you...

There's an easy way to find out what really happened: take another damn picture. Or better still, MOVE IN ON THE DAMN THING AND GRAB IT. Whomever controls all these space probes and satellites either has no curiosity (so to speak), or they have an agenda we're not aware of. Or they're just dumb. Smart, but dumb. Like all three branches of government.

Speaking of dumb, anyone recall these interesting Mars anomalies that were glossed over and never checked out?

Look! A sign post up ahead! Next stop: The STOP-LIGHT ZONE.

Remember this one? The Mars white sign post? All NASA had to do was roll the damn probe toward the thing for about ten minutes and we'd have known what it was. But is NASA CURIOUS about the world? About other worlds? No. They just like paying scientists to fist-pump. So why do they name their missions, "Curiosity" and the like? The same reason the U.S. Govt. labels missions like, "Patriot" and "Freedom" and "Homeland Security": it's oxymoronic PR spin/mind control in action.

Or this one?

The first version of this image Da-da saw off of Google Mars, before Google de-rezzed it after its discovery,
was crystal clear. It was clearly a planetary exploration base, with well-defined modules and outbuildings.

Remember the Mars Base someone found on Google Mars? Then, after it was discovered, Google not only de-rezzed the image, but later smeared it, thus:

That's not suspicious at all. Nice work, Mr. Malfoy.

666 on the tail. Hmm.

Personally, these days when Da-da comes across the acronym, "NASA" it makes him look the other way in disgust. NASA and the U.S. Govt. are all in the same feckless lifeboat of lies. Where's a good, strategic, revolutionary tsunami when you need one? Oh, right. It's on Mars. Never mind.

UPDATE: The following color image has appeared, making it quite clear wat happened.

A NASA engineer left his stash in the Rover one night, prior to launch, and failed to retrieve it. He is now, predictably, bummin'. Seriously, if you look at this thing in B&W at the top of this post, it's looking more and more like an animal. Or a burrito wrapper. One of those. Like Da-da says above, ZOOM IN ON THE DAMN THING. Jeez, like youth, science is wasted on the wrong scientists.

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Maybe the burrito wrapper is like a flower?

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