To Believe, or Not to Believe?

Vlad believed in *that hat.* He really did.

To Da-da, one of the most interesting words in our illusory existence is belief. Not religious or spiritual belief, per se; Da-da's talking about existential belief, the act of believing about... well, anything. One person believing in something isn't typically enough for universal manifestation. It takes a quorum -- unless the belief itself is extremely powerful, which occasionally happens every few thousand years or so, and then that one moment can echo for a long long time.

Now, if EVERYONE believes something exists, it often does. Or they think it does. "Thought takes form in action," is one of the biggest secrets of secret societies, and the universe in general. The stronger and clearer the thinking mind, the more concrete the form. If a whole planet of very strong, clear thinkers decide that a starship exists to transport them hither and yon, one does. By corollary, if beings at a specific point of space-time decide to overlook, or NOT believe, in something or other, there's a good chance that that said thing will go POOF.

That said, Da-da's didn't make any New Year's resolutions this year, as he resolved not to make resolutions long ago. Instead, for the year 2014 and beyond, Da-da has decided to overlook some things that he doesn't care for. War, for example. And the IRS. And all three branches of American Government. And corporations. And capitalism. And power pyramids. FYI, Da-da will now only believe in systems human, exclusively, and will simply overlook anything that does not extoll, exemplify or enhance love and peace. Everything else just isn't worth Da-da's time.

Dave believes in puppies. He really does.

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