Welcome to Parenthood You Trophy Parent You

Da-da's first SAHD trophy. The gift that keeps on giving.


alanborky said...

You knock these things out y'self mate? 'Cause some o' them like this one're very cleverly done.

In fact I received this very award the other day when my seventeen year old's counsellor gave me some very distressin' news an' I dared to leave a message which suggested I might be worried.

It's why me fav'rite bit in the Koran's where God says He offered the job o' Lordship o' Creation t'the Sun Moon Planets Stars Mountains Skies all them dead big cosmic things but only Man was bleedin' mug enough t'accept the bastardin' job.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Yup. Da-da's a wiz at Adobe Creative. And da-da feels your pain. That's why SCRUMPY was invented.

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