Mecha-Da-da is Here. Love U. Go Brush Your Teeth.

That OFF button is so appealing.

Welcome to the (sad) future of parenting. This thing, called "Double" from Double Robotics, allows those with indelicate sensibilities to telecommute with $2500 authority, wandering about the office and into cubicles with impunity, saying, "Howdy!" in real-time with full motion (kinda), as well as audio and video, giving remote office workers that special tax-deductible OOMPH necessary in proving that they do indeed exist at the corporate level, and should keep on getting paid for watching Turner Classic Movies all day... er, working. Sounds cool until someone puts a greasy take-out bag on your virtual head while your virtual officedrones snicker and attach post-its that read, "I suck: Ask me how" and "Kick Me, I'm Really Here," all the while wondering why your hourly rates are so high.

Worse, some too-busy-for-anyone executive type is gonna reverse this usage and deploy it at home so they can be at work forever -- free from what they see as, "guilt" -- shirking their parental duties while feigning sad, "connectedness" with their lonely offspring. Talk about phoning it in. Discorporate America, indeed. If you're that busy, or you think you are (pssst, we know you're not), please don't have kids.

[UPDATE: Double Da-da just rolled into Lake Michigan. Oh well. Da-da's kids are happier, 'cause now they get Real Da-da 1.0, 24/7/365.25. Quid Erat Parentstratum.]

Mark Da-da's words: mocking robots will be the hot new trend for the next bazillion years, until they take over.

"Da-da is so pleased to be here this morning... is this thing on?"

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alanborky said...

Oh god someone must've been watchin' last year's South Park Halloween episode.

Da-Da in my temping days I worked for several bosses who thought being a manager meant incessantly breathing down people's necks.

They'd just love this.

I'd just love adaptin' the can o' Coke booby traps I liked leavin' behind me as partin' shots.

Put it this way if these things ever reach the office floor they'll be extremely accident prone.


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