Decking the Da-da 2.0

"O Da-da-baum, O Da-da-baum..."
It has begun. Run for the exits. And yes, Da-da looks pretty.


alanborky said...

"And yes, Da-da looks pretty."


For a tree.


For some strange reason though especially in the face of all the robots I fear to look too closely under your branches lest I behold diddy little baskets filled with diddy little picaresque prisoners stuffed amongst them even as diddy little druids prepare to emerge from the shadows an' burn the lot down.

Must be a past life thing.


I tried t'rub the idiot box beauty again an' got told me diapers're pewy!

Can't be helped.

The heater's electrics're sprayin' water out the back an' I'd rather be alive pewy than dead pewy!

A Man Called Da-da said...

After all that scrumpy, Da-da's not pretty -- HE'S PRETTY MEAN.

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