The Cult of Mr. Bilby Meets Happy Chocolate Reason Day

Hey, kids, it's the Easter Bilby!

Australia has a rather checkered past when it comes to rabbits, so they celebrate Easter with this guy: The Easter Bilby. (Um, a bilby is an animal in Australia, Mr. Clench.) And yes, like other magical rodents, it delivers eggs to children and they devour its chocolate carcass -- which makes total sense, right? Of course, it makes more sense that in the Northern Hemisphere we have a giant RABBIT delivering eggs to children, where we then devour its chocolate carcass. Totally different. And makes a lot more sense.

What makes the MOST sense -- besides the fact that Da-da's sententious emphasis is often in CAPS -- is that in Washington DC, and London, and Paris, and Moscow, and Beijing, and in really every place where politicians hang out and... do... whatever it is they do... they celebrate Easter with this guy...

Politicians love chocolate tortoises. This one is filled with gold bullion.

...which also makes perfect sense. Unfortuntely, it also insults tortoises.

What Easter has become, alas, is a day to devour chocolate animal effigies, or more basically, a day to eat chocolate. So Sunday is "Happy Chocolate Reason Day." THAT makes sense.

"Arr, what a vile and cruel chocolate-craving rodent. LOOK AT THE CHOCOLATE BONES."

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